Saturday, January 31, 2009

~LoNeLy NiGhTs~

So Bones went back to swing shift which leaves me and the kids home at night to entertain our selfs so we turned Korbin into a Rock Star..( most the time he has a mohawk but he just woke up so..) His songs consist of just mostly screamin (we're still workin out the lyrics)!

Destri on the other hand likes to spend most of her time "workin out" in her fashionable purple socks (which are mine). She has actually turned this glider into a indoor swing and can actually get going pretty high!

Monday, January 26, 2009

~Ta'S 30tH bIrThDaY~

So for Ta's 30th birthday we got all decked out in Mardi gras gear and decided to go to the bar! We started at The DeerHunter we get there and there's a band cool right? Wrong they were wearin kilts and playin bag pipes we can't shake our booty's to that! So we head out, after all the night was still young and we hit Archafalaya's where there was all the booty shakin you can dream of :) Tasha was a hit with a neck full of beads and even sang karaoke (well she danced everyone else sang) oh don't worry we got video I'll upload later!

My booty shakin was a big hit with this hunk of a man that I ended up going home with! Mmmm gotta love my man!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~LoSiNg sLeEp~

So my baby boy is growing up! He got his first tooth (well it officially broke through) on January 1st, 2009. YAY right? uh not so much I have spent the last 4 days and nights battling fevers and crankyness and most of all sleep (he'll only sleep about 20-30 min at a time). I honestly don't remember Destri's being this bad. I've tried everything so if anyone has any miracle ways to get him to sleep longer PLEASE let me know!!

~UpDaTeS fRoM tHe SlAcKeR~

Ok Ok I know I'm a total slacker at this stuff but in fairness I was waiting to upload pics to post as well but looks like that can't happen for awhile until I figure out whats wrong with my camera.... Anyways Christmas at our house was Awesome Destri made cookies for santa and was more excited that he ate them all then about the bike he left for her that she talked about for MONTHS. Korbin was a hoot for only being 6 months old he sure knows how to open presents however we did spend most of the time trying to pry the wrapping paper out of his hands and mouth! .............. New Years was good this year we spent New Years Eve at our friends Austin and Katies along with other good friends. Destri spent hers in Fairview with cousins sledding and playing Wii. New Years day Bones and I went to Wendover with friends for Casey's 31st birthday, on the fun bus, at 8 in the mornin which wasn't such a good idea after being up til 3am but we made it and it was fun even though I lost 98% of my money. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!