Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~LiL mAmA~

So lately Destri has taken an interest in Korbin and treating him like her baby....including carrying him around! These are a few of the lil adventures they go on! She tells me that she has to take her baby to the store with her cuz she's the mom .......ahh priceless!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

~OuR bIrThDaYs~

So this weekend was Destri & my birthdays her's the 6th and mine the 7th! Destri got 2 parties and 2 cakes (Dora and a Tinkerbell). The first party at our house was just family with cake and ice cream.

It was a pretty calm party just family hanging out and her opening presents!

Chuck e Cheese was a lil bit wilder I couldn't get the kids to hold still long enough for a group picture so they are scattered..

Rayden, he was there about 15min before he had 100 tickets he had won! LOL

Easton believe it or not loved his pizza this is actually after i caught
him dipping it in his rootbeer yum!! (sorry kendra i didn't stop him)

Destri and Ari getting their picture sketched by Chuck e Cheese

Yes that is my husband with Chuck E flashing westside? What a dork!

That is the closest Destri would get to him but if you look closely Jordyn was fearless & hugging him & has been the whole time,

Destri had a blast and tells me everyday that it's her birthday again! (Just like her mom!) My birthday was good not as eventful but after her 2 parties and my house lookin more full of presents then it did on christmas I was pretty happy to just go to dinner and relax at home with a few friends... Huge thanks to my mom for takin the kids overnight so I could sleep in!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

*CrAwLiNg* (growing TOO fast)

So This video is from last week, Korbin learned how to gimp it on one knee around! That lasted a week and now he can CRAWL on both knees (sorry i don't have a video yet). Since he can move he has discovered the stairs and the dog food I have yet to catch him in the dog food but I have to pull him off the stairs constantly!

~DrApEr TeMpLe~

I know this is late but my family went to the Draper Temple last week! Destri had a blast and was so good through the whole thing! As most of you kow Korbin has had RSV so unfortunately he couldn't go. And surprise Bones was working so it was just Destri and I.

Ok so this is the best picture I got of the temple it was hard cause I had to do it out of the bus window (Kendra can vouch for me). This is the best out of like 10

Destri's favorite part was riding the bus to and from. On the way home she insisted on sitting by herself, next to Easton of course!

~ThE iCe IcE BaBy PiCtUrEs~

So we got to the concert and our sits were way to far away from the stage so we had to sneak down to general admission he he (it took only about 5min tops)

This is about 10 min into Vanilla Ice, shortly after where Risha almost got kicked out cuz she "pushed" someone! LOL

You can't tell but the dude getting a drink is wearing parachute pants!!

Oh yes that is a guy wearing those pink shorts...... WTF?

This video at the end the dance move was close to the coolest thing he did!
So all in all Vanilla Ice was good but MC Hammer really blew he talked after every song and then would take about a 5 min break before performing again! Lame we left early it got old standing around waiting for him to sing!