Wednesday, December 10, 2008

~Picture Tag~

Ok I got tagged by Jenny like a week ago (I'm a slacker). The idea is to go to the 4th folder of your pics and get the 4th picture and post it and then go to the 6th folder and 6th picture and post it. See what funny pictures you come up with.
This is the 4th folder & 4th picture this was in July at a BBQ at a friends house! Destri & Ari (omg there so little Destri doesn't have any hair lol)
This is the 6th folder & 6th picture. This was our Halloween party last year (2007), and this is my man bobbing for beer!!
So I tag Sarah, Kiley, Clerissa, Emily, & Cindy

Saturday, December 6, 2008

~GeRmS eVeRy WhErE~

So it started out as a good week, but as night approached on monday it hit I got sick! Being sick doesn't mean you get a break from being mom though, so I stayed home with kids on Tuesday went to work on Wednesday feeling much better. Only to get a call from my sitter on Thursday saying Destri was sick. I spent the rest of the day not at work but at the Dr only to find out she had a stomache flu.... JOY!!! She was miserable screaming and let me tell you this girl knows how to milk it.... she even went as far as to tell us that she couldn't walk!! Smart lil girl knowing we'd have sympathy through her sickness. Anyways I finally get her better and here comes Friday and Korbin is stuffed up and fussy I take this time to kill all germs that i think I can find in the house only to wake up Saturday feeling just as bad as I did on Monday UGH!!! Not to mention Korbin is sicker too and on his way to the Dr (thanks to my mom since I had to work)... Yet through all this mess my hubby seems to have no signs of anything???? (yet) So until I'm done fumigating aka lysol spraying my whole house this weekend it might be wise not to visit :)